Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!


Another year is going to end very soon and a new one is knocking at our door. So I wish all my co-bloggers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!


Stay happy all the time


It was an ordinary day and I went for my morning walk. I was busy taking some photo bits here and there. Busy with my daughter and photography time just flew by.

I came home and got involved in other daily chores. Suddenly I remembered if I have taken my camera and phone after my photo session. Nothing really important but I was just upset over my negligence. The entire picture just flew in front of my eyes, if I could have been more attentive, if I wouldn’t have done this, done that etc. I checked everywhere but no success in locating the items lost.

Suddenly I jumped and checked my baby’s pram and voila, here stay my camera and phone safely. There is nothing major to worry about this event however if I think deeply I learned not to worry about little things and be organized with everything possible. Most important stay happy all the time. Do you have a┬ásmall story to share as well?